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Minnesota Timberwolves’ rising star, Anthony Edwards, is receiving lavish praise from an anonymous NBA scout, drawing comparisons to none other than Michael Jordan.

“Was talking to some scouts before last nights game, one of them said about Anthony Edwards that he’s the next Michael Jordan… Hes coming for Giannis crown as the best two-way superstar”

Previously, in March 2022, Patrick Beverley said on J.J. Redick’s podcast that he thinks Anthony Edwards has a potential to develop into the next great player.

“If I say this, I know you guys are going to look at me like I’m crazy and I’m going to put all that pressure on that kid,” Beverley said on Redick’s podcast.

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“But, I told him, ‘Man, you got a chance, man. You got a chance, brother, to be Michael Jordan. You really do. You really do.” “I’ve been around a lot of them and the kid doesn’t indulge in anything negative — just all positivity, all video games. His talent level, his skill level, it’s crazy. He has a chance to be really special – really special in this league.”

The present day finds more than simply Beverley relegating Edwards to Club Jordan. On Friday’s episode of The Hoop Collective with Brian Windhorst and Tim Bontemps, ESPN’s Tim McMahon reported that a scout had told him that Edwards is comparable to Jordan.

MacMahon revealed the scout’s assertion, stating, “Was talking to some scouts before last nights game, one of them said about Anthony Edwards that ‘he’s the next Michael Jordan’… He’s coming for Giannis crown as the best two-way superstar.”

ANTHONY EDWARDS WINDMILL 🔥🔥🔥This is a perfect windmill form. pic.twitter.com/JXJUHivTzt— Bleacher Report (BleacherReport)

November 9, 2023While acknowledging the potential hyperbole in such a comparison, MacMahon recounted the scout’s argument, emphasising Edwards’ unique combination of offensive prowess and defensive dominance. The scout believes Edwards is a rare talent, likening him to the elite few who excel both as prolific scorers and dominant defenders.

“The guy said, ‘Yeah, but it ain’t too far off.’ His point is, there aren’t very many guys that are that elite offensively, this kind of scorer,” MacMahon elaborated, “who are also dominant defenders. Dominant defenders. He’s coming for Giannis’s crown as the best two-way superstar. When you talk about a guy who can light it up like he does offensively and then it’s overtime, game on the line, take the challenge and make Jayson Tatum, just lock up Jayson Tatum like he does.”

Edwards, at just 22 years old, is making waves with his career-high performances in various statistical categories in the 2023 season, contributing significantly to the Timberwolves’ impressive 5-2 start. The lofty comparison to Michael Jordan underscores the immense potential seen in Edwards, capturing the attention and anticipation of NBA enthusiasts.

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