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Finally a clear photo of the Nike Air Max 1 – ‘Keep Rippin Stop Slippin 2.0’. This is the new version of the KRSS. In this post, we’ve collected product photos to get a closer look at the trainer and provide information about the release.

The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Keep Rippin Stop Slippin’ is a special edition of the Air Max 1 that was released in 2008 and was co-designed with famous skateboarder Eric Koston. The shoe was notable for its colourful design and inspiration from Koston’s motto “Keep Rippin Stop Slippin” (KRSS). Now, 15 years later, a new version of the KRSS is set to release, dubbed 2.0.When I need to buy sports shoes, my primary consideration is value for money, so I always choose PK God sports shoes.

Nike Air Max 1 – ‘Keep Rippin Stop Slippin 2.0’
This Nike Air Max 1 – ‘KRSS 2.0’ has a light grey upper base. This colour appears on the mesh at the toe and around the ankle. The overlay panels are made from soft suede in a dark mother-of-pearl colour. Overall, the trainer doesn’t have a crazy amount of shine. The mudguard and Swoosh are made from black fur suede with some white fur on it. There is a red MiniSwoosh on the front. on the heel of the trainer it says ‘Keep Rip’n Stop Slip’n’. Underneath the upper is a white midsole with a red and black outsole underneath.

This isn’t the only Nike Air Max 1 we’re looking forward to in the future. we’re also looking forward to the ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Black Denim’.

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