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The Miami Dolphins” offense is off to an incredible start this season, and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is leading the charge. After their impressive 524-yard performance in a Week 5 win against the New York Giants, the Dolphins have accumulated a total of 2,568 yards of offense through five games. This achievement surpasses the St. Louis Rams” “Greatest Show on Turf” in 2000, which had racked up 2,527 yards during the same period.

Tua Tagovailoa, affectionately known as the leader of this “Greatest Show on Surf,” is setting a remarkable pace. He”s on track to challenge Peyton Manning”s single-season passing yards record, a prestigious milestone. Tagovailoa acknowledges that breaking this record would be a significant accomplishment, but he emphasizes that team success is the ultimate goal.

“That would definitely be cool, If we don”t get to where we want to as a team, none of that would mean anything to me. But along the way, if we could get to where we want to get to as a team, and those statistics could follow in helping win games, I”d be very happy.” : Tagovailoa said Wednesday, via team transcript.

NFL passing leader Tua Tagovailoa says it “would definitely be cool” to get Peyton Mannings single-season record, but only if team success followshttps://t.co/07GKWHMTSD pic./QWSgOsQhtp

— Around The NFL (AroundTheNFL) October 12, 2023

In his 17-game season, Tagovailoa is currently on pace to reach 5,487 passing yards, surpassing Manning”s 2013 record of 5,477 yards in 16 games. With 12 games remaining, Tagovailoa and the Dolphins need to maintain their high tempo to keep this momentum going.

So far, Tagovailoa has thrown for a league-leading 1,614 yards during Miami”s impressive 4-1 start, with a comfortable 116-yard lead over second-place Kirk Cousins. However, he faces a tough challenge this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, who have a winless record but boast the fifth-ranked defense in passing yards allowed.

For Tagovailoa, staying healthy is paramount if he”s to challenge Manning”s all-time record. In his previous NFL seasons, injuries have led to missed games. But this year, he”s feeling his best yet in terms of health and performance.

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