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Joel Embiid is still on the quest for his first NBA championship with the Philadelphia 76ers. He”s put in the grind, transforming himself into an MVP-caliber player around whom the team can construct a title-winning squad. Meanwhile, the 76ers” front office is tirelessly searching for the right blend of talent to surround their superstar big man.

In their pursuit of an NBA title, the 76ers have paired Embiid with various stars. They nabbed Ben Simmons as the top pick in 2016 and later selected Markelle Fultz in 2017, hoping to mould them into ideal complements for Embiid. Unfortunately, these attempts didn”t yield the desired results.

“[Sixers] had Jimmy [Butler], [Joel] Embiid, Tobias [Harris], JJ Redick was still there, and Ben Simmons… That was your championship team… From there it just went downhill.”

Thoughts on this Gilbert Arenas take? 🤔

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In their exploration of the championship, they swapped Simmons for James Harden. However, despite this high-profile acquisition, they”ve fallen short of the ultimate goal. The addition of Tobias Harris at the peak of his career was another move, intended to bolster the lineup, but it hasn”t propelled them to the Finals.

The 76ers” ambitions also led them to trade for the discontented Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves at the beginning of the 2018-19 season. This was a bid to assemble as much star power as possible around Joel Embiid. Regrettably, they were heartbreakingly eliminated by the Toronto Raptors, who went on to become champions, courtesy of a buzzer-beating shot.

“From there it just went downhill”- Gilbert Arenas asserts Joel Embiid missed window to win championship with Jimmy Butler https://t.co/KvzCX9UZ25

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Following Butler”s departure, Gilbert Arenas, on his podcast, cast doubt on the 76ers” title prospects, asserting that their championship window had effectively closed.

“You lost the window. The window is gone,” Arenas said. “The window was really there when Jimmy Butler got there and you had Jimmy, you had Embiid, you had Tobias, JJ Redick was still there, you had Ben Simmons.”



— Gilbert Arenas (GilsArenaShow) October 12, 2023

Arenas went on to elucidate how the team members complemented each other perfectly:

“Now you have a No. 1 option, a great No. 2 option at halfcourt, and then you got Ben Simmons doing his thing. Everyone is big. Anyone can change. This was your championship team to build. It just went downhill from there, and what are you holding on to at this point?”

The 76ers” 2018-19 roster boasted an impressive lineup, and one can”t help but ponder how different their fortunes might have been had Kawhi Leonard not sunk his legendary game-winning shot in the playoffs.

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