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Heading into Week 5 of the NFL season, prime time for waiver adds is winding down. Some of the best waiver wire pickups like Kyren WilliamsPuka Nacua, and others with a bigger role than expected are long gone. With that being said, the best fantasy football managers still find ways to make quality additions every week, even if they aren’t the flashiest. I’ll be taking a look at players who are less than 60% rostered according to Yahoo Fantasy to find quality players that are consistently available.

Everyone has different goals on the waiver wire, and here are the distinctions for players to help you figure out who fits your needs the best:

BC: Breakout Candidate – This is a player who may not be startable yet, but has a good chance of breaking out and becoming a weekly starter at some point in the season. If you’re not in need of a starter this week, these are the players you should be targeting off the waiver wire.
WS: Weekly Streamer – This is a player who is not a weekly starter or even someone you cannot drop, but rather they are someone you can target if the matchup is right or if you’re desperate for a one-time starter. This is likely to be a quarterback or tight end.
DP: Depth Player – This is a player who reminds me of a quote from Bad Santa, “They can’t all be winners, now can they?” Obviously, we’d all love to have breakout players, but it’s also important to have quality depth players who can be started during bye weeks and be decent injury-replacement players. This is someone like JuJu Smith-Schuster.
DL: Deep League Add – This is for competitive 12-team leagues or larger.
IF: Injury Fill-In – This is a player who will be a weekly spot starter during the starter’s absence due to injuries.
MA: Must Add – This is a player who due to any number of circumstances, now finds himself as a weekly fantasy starter and is someone fantasy managers should be adding to their teams.
UH: Upside Handcuff – This is reserved for our running backs who could become prominent players if the primary starter gets hurt.

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