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According to a new report by Robert Schreier, a reporter for the German media outlet Picture Post, the pressure is mounting on the German Football Association (DFB).

“It’s a situation we won’t sit back and do nothing about.” Said 28-year-old German women’s soccer international goalkeeper Mel Frommers, “We are confident that the people in charge will be able to find the fastest possible solution for everyone.”

The clear message is that the German women’s soccer team can no longer afford to be left hanging over coaching issues, as the uncertainty of the 0-2 loss to Denmark has made clear.

But the problem is the tricky attitude, and the criticized women’s head coach Vos Tecklenburg (55) should have commented on the problems within the team (tactical errors, poor communication, World Cup problems) before making a personnel decision.

A source at Sports Images revealed that the German Football Association had a bright idea and came up with a solution. Tecklenburg stays in the DFB system for now, ostensibly promoted, and the women’s soccer team gets a whole new coaching staff.

Simply put…Tecklenburg herself is involved in a lot of the management of the DFB and she can understand the issues. In addition, if she goes to the FA, her salary will be lower and the DFB can still use her for the FA. No one in the FA or the league denies her character in women’s soccer, so the main criticism of her is that the man doesn’t have enough energy.

There are other candidates for this position. The wish of many players is Almut Schulte (32). Despite missing the World Cup, the goalkeeper, who gave birth to her third child in August, was actively involved in the process as part of the team committee. She was even responsible for internal communication, according to reports. But Schulte is currently leaning towards another attempt at a comeback on the pitch. Wolfsburg’s Ralf Kleemann (55) is also considered a candidate.

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