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Chelsea will host the third round of the EFL Cup with Brighton. Before the match, Brighton manager De Zerbibi accepted an interview with reporters, in which he talked about Chelsea and his own views on the game.

On the players who used to play for Brighton, what was it like to see them again?

Yes, players like Caicedo, Robert Sanchez and Colville played for Brighton and I’ll be very happy to see them again. I’m looking forward to seeing them and it’s good to see my former players. They don’t play in the same team as us now, but I’ll be happy to hug them.

On Chelsea

It’s not my team and I don’t have the right to talk too much about them. I think they deserve more points in the table after watching them play, and I’ve watched a lot of their games. I have a lot of respect for Pochettino and Chelsea’s players. They have a great team, but I don’t know what their problems are. It will be a very tough game for us.

On Ferguson’s form and performance

I haven’t made a final decision yet and I want him to be at his best for the game. He wasn’t at his best against Bournemouth and I want him to be at his best for the game.

If we want to play every three days, we need the players to be at their best. We have to change the starting line-up and make the best decisions game by game.

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