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Leroy Sane has been one of the guarantors of Bayern Munich’s successful start to the season, having scored five goals in seven official games. However, Mario Basler says that this is still no reason to rejoice.

Sane has always had a good phase, he’s always had phases where he’s done well, but now he has to do it consistently throughout the season, not just for two or three months, and then again when it counts! time again he suffers a ‘burglary’ and his good form is suddenly lost.”

Indeed, Sane has had to contend with huge ups and downs in form on a number of occasions in recent years, sometimes sitting on the bench. “Sane must now continue to persevere like this, he is an outstanding footballer”, Basler said.

The left-footer moved to Bayern Munich from Manchester City in the summer of 2020 for €49 million. Since then, he has scored 43 goals and contributed 37 assists in 140 games.

Basler said, “Sane is doing everything right. He can score, he can score goals, he’ll give assists, he can counter-attack, and I hope his form stays up so there’s never an argument. “

In addition, Sane, who is in ideal form, is also important for the national team. Basler said, “Next year is the Euro, so we need him to be in top form.”

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