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Wade has been on the hot seat a lot lately, not only because of his official induction into the Hall of Fame, but also because of the various comments Wade has made. Wade has said quite a few things in the past few days, many of which are thought to be mocking James. For example, at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Wade emphasized that the spirit of the Heat is responsibility, and that Heat players need to be responsible, not the kind of people who, if they fail, go somewhere else and start over again, and everyone listens to who it sounds like they are talking about.

  And today a reporter asked Wade to use a word to evaluate Nowitzki, Wade said “GOAT”, I do not know how the old James heard what feeling. James these years every day to GOAT hanging in the mouth, as long as the push, must bring a goat emoticon package, but did not expect their best brother in mind, the goat is Novitsky.

  No wonder fans are discussing why James did not participate in Wade’s Hall of Fame ceremony, may be the old James has long known that the relationship between the two has been broken, rather than hear these words at the scene, it is better to sit at home and watch the news.

  In fact, when Bosh was selected as an All-Star, James experienced this embarrassment. The old James dressed up to attend Bosh’s All-Star ceremony, the results of people Bosh froze did not mention his name at all, but kept paying tribute to Kobe, and finally said a suspected mockery of James escape words.

  Bosh was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021, when James, Wade and Ray Allen all attended the ceremony. During his speech, Bosh thanked many people – Ray Allen, Riley, Bill Russell, Spoelstra, Garnett, Ben Wallace, Wade – and especially paid tribute to Kobe at length.

  Bosh said he was first selected for the U.S. national team in 2008, the first set of training, Bosh early on the alarm clock, want to be the first to arrive at the venue, but when he arrived at the ballpark more than seven o’clock, Kobe have trained the first game! He did not know what time Kobe arrived, only to see Kobe sweating, his knees are still on ice packs. So from that time on, Bosh understand want to be based in the NBA, there can not be the slightest slack, because you never know how many times others than you work harder!

  And when it comes to the two championships in his Heat days, Bosh didn’t even mention James’ name, just Riley. Bosh that year has not decided to join the Heat, go to Miami negotiations, Riley took a bag, all of which are championship rings, and then Riley poured the rings on the table, from which took out a gift to Bosh, said: “When you have your own ring later, remember to return me.” That’s how Bosh made up his mind to join the Heat.

  From start to finish, Bosh also did not say James’ name.

  The only suspected mention of James was at the end of Bosh’s speech, which he summarized with the sentence, “I understand that success is not about how much you’ve accomplished, but how you face failure.” After the Heat’s triumvirate lost to the Spurs in the finals, James did not consult with anyone and did not notify Wade and Bosh, directly leaving the Heat as a free agent to join the Cavaliers. It is said that the old James were on the plane to Cleveland, only to Wade, Bosh text message, said he will not play next season.

  Bosh said “face failure”, should be a high probability is this matter, right? Old James went to the Cavaliers to embrace the group, even if, but also set the brothers together, did not take into account their feelings. Eventually, Wade and Bosh can only stay in the Heat, so a little bit of whining is also deserved.

  When the three people photo time is also very interesting, Bosh almost did not look at James, just rushed to Wade smile. Finally, James took the initiative to gesture, Bosh and he hugged a little.

  Only two years have passed, James should not have forgotten that he was dressed up to attend the Bosh Hall of Fame ceremony, but made a fool of himself, right? Now that Wade has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, it is estimated that the old James is also afraid of recreating the embarrassment of the year, so he does not dare to participate in it!

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