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When Curry and James join forces, it will deliver a spectacle that will rock the NBA circuit. As two of the greatest players of our time, their union will be a perfect blend of shooting and breakout skills. Curry’s great three-point shooting would create the ultimate space for James, while James’ breaks and passes would provide Curry with the best shot options. It’s incredible just to imagine.

  On the other hand, if Durant and Doncic teamed up, it would also bring a very different result. Their excellence in individual offensive versatility would be amazing. They could make one-two plays, combining a simpler one-two punch off the block that combines a slow pace with simple shooting. This style of play would certainly bring a different script to the NBA.

  Recently, FW’s U.S. media put forward the idea of Curry joining the Lakers to play with James and Doncic, alongside the Sun and Durant. The topic sparked a lively discussion among local fans, centered on which team could usher in a true grand finale for the NBA.

  Some fans believe that the combination of Curry and James is the right pairing. Because Doncic, like Harden, is good at singles, is not well suited to play with other superstars and needs a lot of ball movement. This is not very suitable with Durant. There are also fans who think it’s too bad not to go with the Sun’s talented duo. James and Curry are now struggling to match up with Durant, Doncic and even Booker, so the Sun are the team that puts the NBA on the path to a big finish. There are also fans who believe that Curry joining the Lakers would put them ahead of the pack in a landslide, he’s too similar to James!

  I think the Big 3 model would be optimally balanced if Curry joined the current Lakers. Because Curry can play without the ball, doesn’t take up possessions, and helps Davis unimaginably inside. At least none of the teams dare to easily go to wrap up the Brow. Curry needs at least two players to keep an eye on him at all times, while James can create more space for shots, either for the Brow or other players. On the Sun side, the individual singles ability is unrivaled, but the problem is the ball distribution problem. Doncic needs the ball, Durant can play without the ball, but Booker and Bill?

  So, fans, what do you think? How do you choose? Curry joining the Lakers or the Suns? Which team do you guys think will bring the NBA a really big finish?

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