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Additionally, the Lakers announced they had fired Bryce Hamilton , which came as a surprise. Hamilton previously signed an Exhibit 10 contract with the Lakers, but he was waived before training camp began. However, Lakers general manager Pelinka has done an excellent job this summer. Famous mouthpiece A Smith once said in an interview that the Lakers are one of the best-run teams this summer. If Pelinka hadn’t reversed the situation at the trade deadline last season, he might have been fired.

Regarding Harden’s trade, there is recent news that the Clippers have withdrawn from Harden’s trade because they feel that the 76ers lack sincere trading intentions. The reason for the Clippers’ release is that both Leonard and George on their team have player options next summer, and their health conditions are not optimistic, so it is difficult for the team to make a decision to renew their contracts. In this case, Harden is currently completely passive.

However, according to US media reporter Sean Deveney, Chicago Bulls guard DeRozan may be involved in Harden’s trade. While the Bulls may not be interested in Harden, DeRozan is a star-level player who could be traded to the 76ers. The reporter also predicted that the Bulls may be rebuilding because they tried to trade LaVine in the offseason and their current lineup lacks future.

As for the Trail Blazers’ Lillard, there have been some new developments in the recent news about the Heat and Trail Blazers trading Lillard. However, according to well-known reporter Wenhorst, it is difficult for the Heat to get Lillard. The Trail Blazers hope that the Heat will be willing to give up all assets with trading value, but the Heat believe that this is not necessary. This is also the reason why there is currently no substantial progress between the two sides. In addition, ESPN reporter Marc reported that an Eastern Conference team is conducting trade negotiations with the Trail Blazers for Lillard, but the specific team is unknown. There are several teams in the East that are capable of competing for the championship, including the Bucks, 76ers and Celtics, and they may all be part of this team. It can be said that the possibility of Lillard staying with the Trail Blazers is almost non-existent. Which team he and Harden will eventually go to is now becoming more and more confusing.

In the end, the Warriors tried out Howard and treated it like a normal workout. The Warriors are cautious about introducing players. The purpose of training Bazemore and Paschall is just to see, but it does not mean that they will definitely become a member of the team’s roster. In addition, the trainer posted a video of Chai Meng training with Paul. As can be seen from the video, Chasing Dreams is in very good shape. The two encourage each other and show their desire to win. Hopefully they can help the Warriors succeed next season.

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