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Ninety-nine runs a big fat win there for India – despite the fun of the Australian tail making hay. Room for improvement in the field though, and in some of the bowling when the pressure just started to blow up. Ashwin will have poked a few buttons in selectorial minds too.

For Australia, no end to the losing streak. Their fifth defeat in a row – anything but ideal with the World Cup less than two weeks away. They do though still have players to come back in – and who would bet against them in a big tournament?

A funny innings from stance-hopping David Warner, who got in the groove, then got an edge on an lbw but didn’t review. That switch stance is, as Andy FLintoff (not that one) writes, not completely new.

“This switch stance from DW is not unprecedented – there was a bit of a fuss at the start of his international career about him potentially using a bat that was flat on both sides to allow him to switch his stance and hit anywhere. I’m personally a bit surprised that a few prolific switch hitters (KP for one) didn’t do similar in the past.”

Who knows what we’ll see during the World Cup?

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