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Wade talked about James leaving the Heat on the podcast. He admitted he was a little angry at the time because he didn’t want to lose the best player in the sport.

When joining the Heat, James once promised to lead the Heat to win multiple championships. Wade now jokes that he didn’t take it seriously at the time. In the 2014 Finals, the Heat lost 1-4 to the Spurs and missed their third consecutive championship. At that time, James decided to leave Miami and return to play in Cleveland. When he heard the news, Wade was really frustrated and angry.

“Do I feel a little angry inside? Yes. I’m a human being, and I don’t want to lose the best player in the game.” Wade said, “Why did we lose him? I gave up my star status and let you He came in to help lead us. Before I later went to play in the Cavaliers, James and I talked about how he and I felt, and we reviewed what happened that year and decided to move forward.”

After losing the 2014 Finals, James decided to return to Cleveland to compete for a championship for his hometown. He eventually successfully led the team to win the championship in 2016.

Wade admitted that he thought James would never return to play in Cleveland. When James and the Cavaliers broke up in 2010, local fans burned his jerseys and Cavaliers owner Gilbert issued an open letter condemning James.

“I never thought Cleveland would have a chance (to get James), because at this point, I’m stingy,” Wade said. “I later figured it out, he’s been King James since he was 12 years old, and this was not an option. It’s not about Gilbert and the Cavaliers, it’s about how James and his family view their career.”

After Wade communicated with James, he decided to bless his teammate, even though he was a little angry. “I told him the day before he announced he was coming back to the Cavaliers, ‘Hey, man, listen, wherever you go, you’re going to win. You stay, we’re going to win, you go to Cleveland, Cleveland’s going to win. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for LeBron James, and if you want a blessing from me, you’ve got it and I’m not going to stop you.'”

James’ departure also caused the Heat to withdraw from the championship competition until Butler joined the team. Although the Heat have reached the Finals twice in the past four seasons, they have never been able to win another championship.

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