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With a number of NBA players, this year’s Canadian men’s basketball team had high expectations, and they ended up with a bronze medal in the World Cup. As an important member of the team’s rotation, Brooks played an excellent performance in helping the Canadian men’s basketball team to win the third place at the same time, but also elected as the World Cup’s best defensive player, with the actual action back to people’s questioning, and paved the way for their own prospects in the new season.

  At first, Brooks’ prospects for the Canadian Men’s Basketball team were not favorable, not only because he was almost a renegade in the NBA last season, but also because the Canadian Men’s Basketball team has a new core like Alexander in the backcourt. Brooks would also need to challenge Alexander if he wanted the ball. But instead of choosing to challenge Alexander for the ball, Brooks has been the odd man out for the Canadian men’s basketball team with Alexander’s help. Especially in the battle for the bronze medal, Brooks is cut down 39 points of the highest score of the game.

  In fact, Brooks became a player in the spotlight as early as when he entered the NBA. The Memphis Grizzlies at the time had a number of outstanding young players, and Brooks was an important defensive gate in the Grizzlies’ backcourt. It was his presence that allowed the likes of Morant and Beane to let loose on the offensive end, while his presence also kept opposing offenses always at bay. The Grizzlies were able to become a Western Conference powerhouse in the last two seasons, and Brooks made a significant contribution.

  On the field Brooks is always energetic, every ball is positive scramble, and this attitude also brought him a lot of trouble. Last season Brooks respectively with Curry, Thompson, Green and other people in the verbal altercation, especially his in the playoffs and James verbal dispute, but also pushed him to the tip of the public opinion. In order to keep the team out of trouble, Grizzlies management said they would not renew Brooks’ contract after the playoff exit.

  The Grizzlies did not renew Brooks’ contract, and the Rockets seized the opportunity to sign him to a four-year, $86 million contract. The Rockets were bullish on Brooks because the team needed Brooks’ defense. Brooks is able to limit the opponent’s fast-break counterattack, but also able to mismatch defense in the home half of the field. While ensuring the smoothness of the offense, the Rockets need to reorganize their defense, and Brooks is the right man for the job.

  New Rocket head coach Udoka is a head coach who emphasizes tactics, especially on defense, which makes Brooks’ future with the Rockets bright. Udoka will always send a player to specialize in the tactics to guard the opponent’s arrow character, thus driving the team’s overall defensive rotation, such as Smart served in such a role, and the new season of Brooks will also play such a role.

  The Rockets have been looking for a direction to complete the rebuild, and after gradually determining a stable tactical rotation as well as excellent reinforcements in the offseason, the Rockets’ hope of completing the rebuild in the new season has greatly increased. As a new addition to the Rockets, Brooks has an important role to play, and if he can show efficient performance in the Rockets, the speed of the Rockets to complete the rebuild will be further accelerated.

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