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There have been reports that Tottenham have a buy-back clause for Kane, to which Sky Sports reporter PG spoke about the issue.

  PG said, “Levy was recently asked this question on a fan forum and the fan asked ‘does Kane have a buy-back clause in his contract?’ Levy’s response was ‘of course’.

  It could be argued that if Kane were to return to the Premier League in the future, Tottenham would have the first option to sign the striker, similar to the clause they implanted in Bale’s contract when he joined Real Madrid.

  If another Premier League side submits an offer for Kane during his time at Bayern, and Bayern accept the bid (and Spurs must be notified), then Tottenham will have the right of first refusal to match that offer.

  After that, it’s up to Kane to make his own choice whether to return to Tottenham or not.”

  Romano tweets that Manchester City are on the verge of signing England u17 midfielder Mukasa, with the two sides having agreed on a long-term contract.

  Mukasa has already passed City’s medical examination, HERE WE GO, Blue Moon will soon officially announce the signing of this future star from West Ham.

  Tornari said in an interview with Mediaset that he would not rule out a return to Milan in the future.

  Tornari said: “Return to Milan in the future? I don’t know …… I’m willing to pay to find out about the future. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, soccer is strange. But I will not close the door to return to Milan, I can not and will not hide my passion and love for Milan.”

  Sky Sports Germany sources say that Germany have reached a coaching agreement with Nagelsmann, who will be released from his contract with Bayern, which expires in 2026.

  However, it is reported that for the time being the assistant coach Zembrod, who has a long-term relationship with Nagelsmann, is not in the plans of the German team’s coaching staff, and this coaching staff is not large, and the two sides will sign a contract until the end of the European Cup.

  According to Sky Sport Italia, Scilla and Romano, Montera will be the new Turkish manager, and the two sides will sign a three-year contract.

  The Turkish national team and Montella reportedly reached a coaching agreement on Tuesday, which will soon be officially confirmed.

  Sky Sports Germany news, Mainz is close to signing El Ghazi free, both sides will sign a 1+1 contract.

  It’s official: Barcelona have announced the extension of Alejandro Valverde’s contract, with the two sides signing a new deal that expires in 2028, with the 19-year-old left-back’s liquidated damages set at €1 billion.

  Barca will next announce the extensions of Yamal and Xavi.

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