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When a player’s strength declines due to age and injuries, it is particularly difficult for him to return to the top. When an NBA player cannot get a chance in the NBA and can only play in the third-rate league, it will definitely be difficult for him to be suitable for the NBA. Once upon a time, Whiteside returned to the NBA from the CBA and won the rebounding title in the NBA. This was a very inspiring counterattack story. Now, Howard will return to the NBA from the Taiwan T1 League. Does Warcraft really still have the strength? Return to the NBA! Howard’s trial training was successful, Curry and Paul agreed, and the Warriors’ super lineup made a comeback.

The latest report from Warriors reporters is that All-Star veteran Howard has completed a two-day trial training with the Warriors. The veterans in the Warriors (Curry Paul Chasing Dreams) and others have agreed to the team’s signing of Howard. Moreover, Howard will train with Paul, Dream Chaser and others next, which is equivalent to starting the training camp mode in advance. Howard successfully tried out with the Warriors and is about to return to play in the NBA. This is definitely a good thing for Warcraft. However, Warriors fans are somewhat skeptical about Howard’s playing ability. After a year of wandering in the Taiwan T1 League, does Howard really have the strength to play in NBA games?

Howard was the No. 1 pick in 2004. He has played for the Magic, Lakers, Rockets, Hawks, Hornets, Wizards and 76ers during his career. Important honors in Howard’s career: 1 championship, 3 Second best defensive player, 5 times best team, 4 times best defensive team, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks, 8 All-Stars, 15 players of the week, 6 players of the month. Howard’s last NBA game was in the 2021-22 season. He played 60 games with the Lakers, averaging 16 minutes per game, contributing 6.2 points + 5.9 rebounds + 0.6 assists + 0.6 steals + 0.6 blocks, with a shooting percentage of 61.2%.

Many fans doubt that Howard is already 37 years old. Does he still have the ability to play in NBA games? As a former All-Star veteran center, Howard’s height meets the Warriors’ interior requirements, but he is too old. Even if he has the strength and attitude, he may not be able to do what he wants. Paul is now 38 years old, Howard is 37 years old, and Curry is 35 years old. Will the Warriors become the oldest team in the league in terms of average age in the new season? Paul plays point guard, and his passing ability is still there, which is what the Warriors need. However, if Howard wants to play center, he needs physical confrontation in the interior. He needs to fight fiercely to eat cakes, grab rebounds, and block shots. Can the 37-year-old Howard bear it?

However, according to the analysis of US media NBA expert reporters, the Warriors’ signing of Howard should only be a veteran’s basic salary, and it may be a partially guaranteed contract. In this way, the Warriors have invested very little, with low risks and low trial and error costs. Even if Howard does not play well and is not suitable for the Warriors, the management can easily lay off him, replace him and sign him again. There are no good centers in the free market now, only a few veterans: Howard, Dedmon, Biyombo, and Cousins. Cousins can’t find a job in the NBA at the age of 33 and can’t even earn a veteran’s minimum salary. It may be that the team is afraid of his personality.

Howard has reformed in the Lakers, and his playing mentality and personality have become more mature. When they won the championship in 2020, Howard was still an important inside rotation for the Lakers. When Howard defended Jokic, he was still very defensive. The Warriors introduced Paul, Saric and Howard this offseason in an attempt to re-emerge. Warriors new season lineup, Curry, Klay Thompson, Dream Green, Paul, Wiggins, Payton Jr., Looney, Moody, Kuminga, Saric, Joseph, Robinson, Podemski , Garuba and Howard et al. Can the Warriors make a comeback with this lineup?

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