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After losing 3-4 to Bayern Munich in the first round of the Champions League group stage, the Manchester United goalkeeper took the initiative to be interviewed after the game and admitted his mistake! You must know that if Onana performs even better in this game, Manchester United can take away at least 1 point from the Allianz Arena! Onana, who scored 4 goals by his opponent, was very frustrated after the game. He even shed tears during the interview!

Onana said after the game: I don’t want to criticize the team’s defense. I am the last level of defense, and the main responsibility for conceding the ball still lies with me. The defeat in this game was very undeserved. I never thought that I had conceded 4 goals here.

Onana said: We started very well, but my mistake eventually caused the team to lose the game. I will bear my own responsibility and I will accept the criticism of me from the fans! I have to learn lessons and there is still a lot to improve on. This was one of the worst games of my career. I think I should calm down, I must quickly find my best state!

Regarding Onana’s performance in this game, Manchester United star Neville gave his own opinion. He said: Onana is a little acclimatized. He still needs time to adapt to Manchester United’s defense, but I think he has it. Some are not compatible, and his adaptation period is too long. Onana’s current state is not worthy of being Manchester United’s number one goalkeeper, and we don’t know how long it will take for Onana to reach the level he deserves!

Neville said: Onana has some problems with his psychological quality. He seems to be unable to recover quickly after making low-level mistakes, which will also lead to conceding goals one after another. I don’t think he can adapt to the Manchester United team. If possible, I hope Manchester United will sign back De Gea and let Onana go back to Inter Milan!

Since the start of the new season, Manchester United has a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. In addition to zero sealing against Wolves in the first round of the Premier League, Manchester United has conceded a total of 14 goals in the other 5 games, averaging close to 3 goals per game. Through Manchester United’s recent game results, it is not difficult to see how poor Onana’s performance is!

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