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Manchester United’s new season is in disarray, with infighting and conflict within the team and controversy surrounding manager Jens Ten Hahn. With the team’s poor record, poor reinforcements and goalkeeper performance, Ten Hahn may lose his coaching rights. There are reports that Manchester United are interested in bringing in Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa. If Ten Hahn leaves, United is considering asking Zinedine Zidane to take over the reigns. Manchester United is currently facing a number of problems that need to be resolved quickly to improve the strength of the team.

  Man Utd in chaos, poor record, Ten Hahn controversial

  The new season of Manchester United is in a mess, with two star players, Greenwood and Anthony, unable to play for the team due to domestic violence. To make matters worse, United attacker Sancho has been sent down to train alone with United’s second team after a fierce internal strife broke out between Sancho and manager Jurgen Ten Hahn. More worryingly, there were arguments and clashes in the United dressing room during the match against Brighton, involving players such as B Faye, McTominay, Lindelof and Lisandro Martinez. This suggests that Manchester United’s locker room infighting is escalating.

  United’s poor record has also caused dissatisfaction between fans and manager Ten Hahn. The increasing involvement of Ten Hahn’s agency in the Red Devils’ transfer operations has raised questions among the fans, who suspect that Ten Hahn is seeking personal gain at the expense of the team’s interests. In addition, in terms of reinforcements this summer, United’s performance has been disappointing. The team’s heavily-introduced Munter missed the game due to injury, and Hoylund was booed by fans on his debut. And replace De Gea as the starting goalkeeper Onana did not show in the Inter when the heroic form, United in the first five rounds of the game lost 10 goals, Onana became a big hole in the back of the United defense, fans began to miss De Gea’s performance.

Manchester United consider bringing in Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa
  In order to solve the goalkeeper problem, Manchester United eyes turned to the Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa. Diogo, 24 years old and 1.86 meters tall, has played 7 games for Porto this season, conceding 7 goals and completing 1 shutout. United are reportedly willing to pay a transfer fee of €70 million to bring in the young promising goalkeeper. This is an important reinforcement for United to improve the defensive quality of the team’s backline.

Man Utd consider asking Zinedine Zidane to take over the reigns and solve the problem quickly.

  In the face of the current difficulties, Manchester United may consider asking former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane to take over the position of Ten Hahn. Zidane has led Real Madrid to win three consecutive Champions League titles and his coaching ability is well recognized. Although Zidane was recently sacked by Real Madrid and has not been looking for a new coaching opportunity, if United can invite him to come out, perhaps he will achieve better results in the Premier League and Champions League this season. Of course, whether Zidane is interested in the chaotic United is still an unknown.

  United is currently facing a lot of problems, the team internal infighting and conflict, skipper Ten Hahn is controversial, reinforcements and goalkeeper performance is poor. United is considering bringing in Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa to solve the goalkeeper problem and may ask Zinedine Zidane to take over the reigns to improve the team’s strength. For United, a quick solution is the most important thing, only then can they revitalize their team and achieve better results.

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