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Recently, the Lakers female owner Jenny Bass revealed on the podcast that her father Jerry Bass had refused to sell the Lakers about 20 years ago, when he got an offer of 1 billion dollars. Now, the latest valuation of the Lakers is 5.9 billion U.S. media flirted with the idea that nowadays they certainly 10 billion are not willing to sell.

  ”My father, I can remember the first time he received an offer about the Lakers, was it in 2003 or 2004, after we got the three consecutive championships. He was so shocked by that (the $1 billion offer) that he couldn’t imagine the team would be worth that much money.”

  Bass Sr. liked the Lakers so much that he turned down the offer. He bought the Lakers in 1979 for 67.5 million dollars. And now the Lakers are valued third in the league behind the Warriors ($7 billion) and the Knicks ($6.1 billion). The Warriors are worth so much, thanks in large part to the overall profitability of the Chase Center, while the Knicks have a solid fan base in the largest media market.

  The U.S. media flirted with the idea that 1 billion was not for sale at the time, and now give Jenny 10 billion, she will not sell. The U.S. media also reported that, unlike the model of the vast majority of teams in the league, the Lakers are a family-run team.

  The sun set a record sale of 4 billion dollars, the Hornets sale price also reached about 3 billion dollars. If the Lakers get a $10 billion offer in the future, will they really consider selling?

  The Lakers have won 17 championships in their history, with the last one coming in the 2019-20 season, when James Brow led the team to a championship. Last season, the Lakers won 43 and lost 39, and eventually stopped in the Western Conference Finals.

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