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Stadium: Anoeta Stadium

  Home team: Real Sociedad is currently ranked eleventh in La Liga with 1 win, 3 draws, and 1 loss with 6 points. This season’s performance has slightly regressed compared to last season’s, probably due to the multiple fronts. Recently, the team in the defensive end of the existence of certain problems, the last game against the powerful Real Madrid, but not to mention, but the previous league although said that the face of the Granada win, but also lost three goals, poor quality of defense, to the Champions League will certainly be punished.

  Away team: Inter Milan won the Milan Derby with a 5-1 victory over AC Milan in their last league match. The win will surely boost the players’ morale, and of course, they will also bring this self-confidence to this match. The team also managed to reach the final of the Champions League last season, and has also grown, and this season will definitely be the goal of striking the Champions League title again, so the intention of this game is certainly not bad.

  Data analysis: This game is given a 0.25 goal handicap. Real Sociedad are playing in the Champions League this season after many years, which is not a good thing for them, as their relative inexperience will make them suffer a lot on the field. Head coach Emanuel Alguacil is also inexperienced in the Champions League, and his adjustments on the field are lacking. Comparatively speaking, the visiting team Inter managed to reach the final last season, and their rich experience makes me more optimistic about their performance in this match.

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