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Bayern’s main targets in this summer window are all from the Premier League, from Kane in the front, to Palinha in the midfield and Walker in the back line, which are all players that Tuchel would love to get. However, the results of their attraction is only one Kane, Walker chose to stay and extend his contract, although Palinha is willing to join, but Fulham’s attitude is very clear, in the absence of a suitable replacement, they will not give up the Portuguese back, even if Bayern is willing to pay a transfer fee of 80 million pounds for Palinha, but also no way to achieve the goal.

As one of the few players in the Premier League who can play as a single back, Palinha’s defense and control in the midfield is truly outstanding, and his stats are among the best in the league. Although it is said that Fulham gave him a lot of trust, also gave him enough space to play, but due to the limited platform provided by the team, in fact, Pallinia want to leave the team’s idea is completely understandable, after all, and Bayern compared to Fulham is only a Premier League mid-lower team, completely unable to and the Bundesliga domination, the Champions League level of the Bayern comparison.

From the current news, Bayern will once again in January on the Palinha for purchase, to change the team’s current midfield configuration, but this attraction is still a great risk, Palinha in Fulham play the more outstanding, the team to give up the possibility of his lower, Bayern still have to do a good job to be unable to attract the success of the preparation in January. According to the Mirror, if they are unable to successfully bring in Palinha in January, Bayern will try Manchester United’s midfielder McTominay as one of the alternatives.

Compared with Palinha, McTominay is not as strong in defense as the other side, but has a slight advantage in the offensive end, and in the current tactical system of Ten Hagar, his position in the midfield is very embarrassing. If you want to appear in the position of the back, you must accept to become Casemiro’s replacement, if you want to position premise, B fee is a player he can not pass, so his performance is far less than in the performance of the Scottish national team, but also did not become the core of the United midfield or even the possibility of the first, United in the summer window had thought of him to be sold, but Ten Hagar’s insistence on letting him stay in the lineup of Manchester United. Only, in the tactics of Ten Hagar, he is still only a substitute role.

However, even if he is willing to leave the team, Bayern is not the best choice for him. In the back position of Bayern, Kimmich is still the team’s absolute main force, even if Tuchel is not satisfied with this, or hope to find a suitable midfield partner for Kimmich, to completely free him in the back position, wheat is still not the right choice. Mak’s defensive prowess is not enough to be a reliable shield, and he’s not the best choice if he’s going to be involved in the offense, and he’ll have a hard time finding the right space to play at Bayern!

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